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Personal information is collected on this form by GrandBridge Energy Inc. under the authority of the Electricity Act, S.O. 1998, Chapter 15, Schedule A.  The principal purpose for the information we are collecting is to accurately deliver our services to you, billing and collection, and ensuring that we are dealing with only you or individuals you have authorized. Personal information will be used only for the purposes set out in GrandBridge Energy's Privacy Policy.  Learn more

If you have any questions about this collection, the ways in which your personal information may be used by GrandBridge Energy, or would like further information about our privacy policies, please contact: GrandBridge Energy’s Chief Privacy Officer, 1500 Bishop Street, Cambridge, ON by phone 519-621-3530, or by e-mail at:

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Choose an Electricity Price Plan

You can now choose to be billed for your electricity usage based on hourly Time-of- Use (TOU) prices OR Tiered prices. 

With TOU Price Plan, the price depends on when you use electricity as well as on the season (winter or summer). You can help manage your electricity costs by shifting your usage to lower price periods when possible. With Tiered Price Plan, you can use a certain amount of electricity each month at a lower price. Once that limit (called a threshold) is exceeded, a higher price applies.

Rest assured, you can elect to switch to either rate plan once you receive your first electricity bill and review your electricity usage.  More information about what to consider when choosing an Electricity Price Plan can be found at the Ontario Energy Board website

Paperless Billing

Here are GREAT reasons to sign up for Paperless Billing:

  1. Easy to set up. A simple one-time registration gives you 24/7 access to your bills and usage.
  2. How you want, when you want. Access your bills and account information in one place, on any device, no matter where you are.
  3. No missed bills. You'll get an email when your new bill is ready to view. Online access to all your bills for the past two years.
  4. Peace of mind. Enjoy secure access to view all your transactions, including hourly usage details, meter reading history and payments.
  5. Paperless is better for the environment.