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Automatic Payment Plan

Sign Up Authorization Form and Instruction Sheet

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Why Consider the Automatic Payment Plan?

  1. Saves time and postage - no more cheque writing
  2. Saves the environment
  3. Safeguards your Good Payment History - avoid late charges
  4. You continue to receive your bill two weeks before it's due
  5. The bill shows the payment amount and withdrawal date
  6. Pre-authorized payments cost nothing
  7. You may cancel at any time
  8. Sign up is easy


"Paid in Full" Plan

Your bills will be sent to you as usual, two weeks before they are due. On the due date, the amount due will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

"Equal Payment" Plan

This plan allows customers to budget for an equal monthly payment. A fixed amount is automatically deducted from your account on the 1st or 15th or 20th of each month. We review and reconcile this payment plan once a year, to ensure the payment amount is in line with your actual use. 

Pick Your Plan - Pre-Authorized Payment Authorization

By picking the "Paid in Full Plan" I authorize GrandBridge Energy to debit/credit my chequing account on the billing due date for the payment of my bill. This authorization is valid for all regular bills, as well as for reconciliation bills, credits due to me and final bills issued upon closure of my account. Not available for Line of Credit Accounts.

By picking the "Equal Payment Plan" I authorize the monthly payment to be deducted from my chequing account by GrandBridge Energy. Not available for Line of Credit Accounts.

By picking the "Bank Information Change" I authorize GrandBridge Energy to change my banking information and deduct from my new chequing account, as of the effective date indicated.


For joint accounts where more than one signature is required on cheques, please have all account holders sign. 

Account Type:

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Alternately, you may mail or fax your form to:

GrandBridge Energy Inc., Customer Service Department

P.O Box 1060, 39 Glebe Street, Cambridge, Ontario N1R 5X6

Fax: 1-519-621-7420

Remember to attach your Voided Cheque, or send it with your mail or fax so we can set you up on the plan of your choice,

or change your banking information.