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Continuing Service Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to provide continuous electrical service to the premises specified herein regardless of changes in occupancy. 

You hereby agree to the following:

1. Term - This agreement shall be effective the date signed and shall continue in effect until terminated by either party hereto by giving no less than 10 days written notice to the other party or until otherwise terminated by action of any federal or provincial agency or court. The termination of this agreement shall not relieve Landlord from its obligation to pay for any charges accrued prior to the effective date of termination. 

2. Cost - The "Account Set up Charge / Occupancy Charge" as set out in the Distributor's Tariff of Rates and Charges will be applied to the first bill. A $30.00 charge will be charged each time a tenant moves out and the account transfers to your name. 

3. Responsibility for Payment - This agreement provides for continuous electrical service to the premises specified herein. The landlord shall be solely responsible for payment of all charges incurred following discontinuance of service by a tenant until such time as another tenant of those premises assumes responsibility by signing for electrical service at the location, regardless of whether or not the landlord receives notice from the outgoing tenant. In the event of a dispute regarding any sums due, the date of discontinuance, or the effective date of service, the Electrical Distributor's records will be deemed conclusive. In the event that the landlord fails or refuses to pay as billed, this agreement shall be cancelled, and procedures for termination of services and collection of amounts due will be instituted in accordance with the Ontario Energy Board's disconnection and collection policies. 

4. Notices - The landlord agrees to provide written notice to GrandBridge Energy of any change in mailing or email addresses, or phone number. The landlord also agrees to provide written notice to GrandBridge Energy if the property is sold. 

5. Assumption of Risk - The landlord hereby assumes any and all risks which may be occasioned by continuous electrical (or water) services to the premises. Such risks include, but are not limited to, freezing of water fixtures, water damage resulting from open or broken fixtures, and theft of hydro/water. The landlord also assumes the risk that a new tenant may neglect to sign up for electrical service in their name and the landlord will continue to be billed until either the tenant or landlord calls to transfer the service. 

6. Customer Choice - When an account moves back into the landlord's name the account can be billed using time-of-use (TOU) prices or Tiered prices. You can learn more about the Regulated Rate Plan here. The default is TOU rates. If you prefer tiered pricing please call Customer Care at 1-877-871-2215

Notice of Collection

Personal information is collected on this form by GrandBridge under the authority of the Electricity Act, S.O. 1998, Chapter 15, Schedule A. The principal purpose for the information we are collecting is to accurately deliver our services to you, billing and collection and ensuring that we are dealing with only you or individuals you have authorized. Personal information will be used only for the purpose set out in our Privacy Policy. 

If you have any questions about this collection, the ways in which your personal information may be used by GrandBridge Energy, or would like further information about its privacy policies, please contact: GrandBridge Energy's Chief Privacy Officer, 39 Glebe Street, Cambridge, ON by phone at 1-877-871-2215, or by email at: